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A Look Back at Manelley's Ice Cream Shop

I bet you don’t know the origin of the name Manelly’s Ice Cream.  I am sure I can pause for five minutes and you stop reading momentarily and you still cannot figure out how the name Manelly’s came about.  Okay, bet won so here it is.  The clue is that the owners of this very popular ice cream place are Manuel Delvalle and Shelly.  Take ‘Man’ from Manuel and ‘elly’ from Shelly, put them together and you get Manelly.  These two San Pedranos have dedicated almost their entire lives to bring Manelly’s to what it is today- the best ice cream on the Island. Actually they took it over from Shelly’s dad, the late Seferino Paz Sr. who used to sell paletas and ice cream. Pop corn and icy smoothies, sundaes, banana boats, cheese dip and chips and other delicious snacks are only some of the latest ideas of Manuel and Shelly Delvalle.  Visitors to San Pedro, Ambergris Caye cannot leave the island without first having visited and enjoyed the goodies at Manelly’s Ice Cream Parlour.

Manelley's Ice Cream Shop

Manelly’s Homemade Ice Cream Present Day

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