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Confirmation in San Pedro

Confirmation and First Holy Communion are currently going on in San Pedro Town.  They are the second and third sacraments administered by the Catholic Faith and received by children at about the age of ten.  They are big events in the life of children and needless to say there is a lot of preparations for them to include a nice white dress and as well as white pants and shirt.  Shoes, of course, were not required 25 years ago in the 1950 nor 60’s.

Check very closely on this flashback and you might see your granny or grandpa.

Left to right on front row: Neria Arceo(+), Ann Alpuche, Evelia Rivero, Addy Castillo, Pilar Cardenez, Isabel Nuñez, Elena Graniel and Emerita Nuñez.

Left to right second row: Francisco Verde, Lorenzo Mendez, Emerita, Edna Gomez, Wilema Ancona,. Marcelina Marin, Neydy Salazar, Julie Salazar, Flora Graniel, Carmela Valdez(+), Wilfrido Nuñez, Adolfo Ayuso(+)

Left to right third row: Baldemar Graniel, unknown, Rudy Nuñez, Gonzalo Valdez, Tony Blake, Daniel Alamilla, Oscar Aguilar, Gonzalo Heredia, unknown, Dimas Guerrero, Angel Nuñez.

Others:  Father Castillo and Ligia Gomez on steps.

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