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Building San Pedro High School

What… what is this? The Teacher’s demonstration going on countrywide for government to adjust their salaries? Wrong. Then could it be Sanpedranos marching in support of their political candidate for upcoming town council elections on March 2015? No, look again at the sign. Don’t you see these are all kids?  Indeed this was early 1980’s and perhaps the very first efforts by students of San Pedro High to construct their new high school building.

They were tired of using the community center, now the Town Hall, and were on their way to clear the bush of the property at Boca Del Rio Area to prepare for the big project. The land had been a donation of the government of Belize under Area Rep. Hon. Louis Sylvestre. The building committee was busy raising funds and the kids took the pride and the task of cleaning the high bush. As they paraded, they reminded San Pedro to co-operate under this slogan: IF IT IS TO BE, IT IS UP TO ME.

The following year they continued their efforts under this slogan: If not Me, Who? If not Now, When? Now you might ask, did San Pedro cooperate? Well what do you think? Don’t you see the beautiful high school built under community effort? The first floor of four classrooms was inaugurated in 1987 and the rest is now our proud history. See if you can recognize some of the students in early 1980’s and add their names in our comment box.  

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