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Meet Emcee and Toastmaster Angel Nuñez

A lot of people know Angel Nunez as a high school teacher and Principal and today he is being known as TV host of the San Pedro Morning Show.  But did you know that he is the emcee with the longest record in Belize to date?  His passion as Master of Ceremonies began back in 1971 when he began teaching at San Pedro high and was secretary of the village council under Chairman Enrique Staines Sr. (RIP).

His first job was at a Miss San Pedro Beauty pageant and then he let out lose.  Nuñez has done emceeing from 1971 to 2014 (43 years) to include weddings, birthdays, Quinceaños, September Celebrations, Township Night, Township Anniversaries, Costa Maya Festivals, Dia de San Pedro, PTA meetings, political events, Christmas events, Lions socials, Lions conventions, political conventions, sporting events and trophy presentations, community demonstrations, Peace Rallies to name a few.  Nuñez has emceed mostly in San Pedro Town, but has also worked in Belize City, San Ignacio, Belmopan, Corozal, Chetumal, and several cities in Virginia USA during a student exchange with Nelson County High School. His memorable moment- creating stars like Jeffery Eiley, Barrington Castillo and Alex Noralez.

Meet Emcee and Toastmaster Angel Nuñez

His laughable moment- a beauty contestant rushing off stage and himself rushing behind her to coax her to return to stage. His lucky moment- a government minister was hit with an umbrella when he was mistaken for the emcee.  Nuñez says that if he had charged $100.00 for each appearance as Master of Ceremonies, he would have by now earned $85,200.00 with his total 852 jobs. His last hosting was last Saturday night at the Miss San Pedro High Beauty Pageant.  He has never been paid for services except for one event- hosting the Miss Belize Beauty Pageant at the Belize City Center when he was given airfare, hotel, and 250 dollars stipend.  852 appearances and still counting! Nuñez is excited that he will host a show along with his grandson Gaven at the Angel Nuñez Auditorium.

Meet Emcee and Toastmaster Angel Nuñez    

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