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When British Airforce Harrier Jets Patrolled Belize

Is the peaceful fishing village of San Pedro under attack?  Will these ferocious looking aircrafts drop a bomb over the island?  What can the people of San Pedro do to be under cover?   The fact is that San Pedro was indeed under the attack of the thunderous noise of these British combat aircrafts- The Harriers.

It all happened in the 1970’s when Guatemala increased its efforts in the fight to obtain a portion of Belize which they claimed was theirs. Therefore the British Royal Navy responded by increasing its protection of Belize with a fleet of Harrier fighter jets. They made reconnaissance flights all over the country periodically and could fly the length of Ambergris Caye in sixteen seconds.

What seemed like an attack was its first flight which sent people to the ground, some under the tables, others dived into the sea. Its deafening noise certainly made it seem like we were at war. Obviously Guatemala was also very much afraid because never was there a report of them trying to execute an invasion.  They certainly got the message.
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