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The Laid-back, Sandy Streets of the Fishing Village of San Pedro

A casual look at this Flashback Pic might get you wondering what part of the village in the 1970’s this could be.  Or you might wonder whether this could be some other village of Belize. Could that building with a square water reservoir be the community center, now the town hall? Look at the huge hill of white sand that makes up the street- so islandish, so picturesque, so safe, so children-friendly.  It’s gotta be San Pedro. Of course it is San Pedro!  Why do you think Ramon Nuñez Jr. is cruising along enjoying the serenity of his village?

Indeed it is that portion of Tarpon Street leading up west to the San Pedro R.C. School.  Driving up that street today, you can see the sea but there is no hill of sand now. At the time there was no fence because there was no need to.  On the left side of the street is Mr. Francisco and Mrs. Vilma Arceo’s humble dwelling with a typical San Pedro wood picket fence intended not to keep ‘unfriendly’ people out but to keep the chickens and the dogs in. This is the site of the once very popular The Hut Restaurant and now the Vilma Linda Plaza.

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