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Saying Good Bye To Our Childhood Home in San Pedro

In our circle of affairs we normally focus on ‘Welcomes’ rather than Good-byes. However, this one is very close with personal attachments.  We are seeing the demolition of The Perez family home and La Popular tortilla factory in San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye.

This was the first Nuñez Nest Home for 23 years, the property of Angel Nuñez, former Principal of San Pedro High School. Editor of Ambergris Today, Dorian Nuñez, moved into this home when he was only one year old. Perlita was born in Belize City and entered the same home when she was two days old.

With the need for expansion the third level attic was built for a dormitory of the bosses. Fifteen years later the ground floor was enclosed to accommodate two apartments for rent. This house survived Hurricane Keith in the year 2000 and just after that The Nunez’s negotiated a sale to the Perez Family. By then the Nunez’s had relocated to the San Pablo Subdivision where today they sit back and see their first family home being demolished to make way for a new adventure. No tears, but it does hold special memories for Angel and Ligia Nuñez as well as for their children Dorian and Perlita. We believe that with the rapid rate of development on the island, many residents of Ambergris Caye have experienced the same situation.

Saying Good Bye To Our Childhood Home in San Pedro

Saying Good Bye To Our Childhood Home in San Pedro

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