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The Bullfight Comparsa for Carnival

El Torito has been one of the all time favorite ‘comparsa’ (dance) during the three days of Carnabal.   This dance has one person dancing with the effigy of a bull and the rest of dancers are all bullfighters.  Then there is one ‘matador’ who is supposed to be the hero- the one who kills the bull by piercing the sword into the bull’s neck or back.

Traditionally all dancers are dressed in red and white with black also as the matadors do in Spain where this sport originated.  A comparsa is only as beautiful as the costumes worn by the revelers.  The Torito comparsa is only as good as a well-built effigy or figure of a bull.  The comparsa is only as exciting as the stunts performed by the bullfighters and the ‘matador’.  The dance is only exciting and fun when all the dancers and many times the spectators are shouting “Ole” as the bull misses its target and the matador performs his stunts.

In days gone by it was not a good Carnabal if there was no Torito so the dancers and organizers made sure each year there was a show of Los Negritos, Los Indios, and then El Torito.  Check out this Flashback probably of the 1960’s as El Torito danced and paraded around the Village. Some dancers include:  Einer Gomez, Raul “Coco” Gonzalez, Lily Paz, Panny Arceo, Mireya Marin, among others.  Can you identify all of the dancers?


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