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Do You Know What is Five A Side?

Ask a ten-year old kid today what is Five A Side and chances are that he will not know because this sport has been absent from our sports fields for quite some time. What is it anyway?  Let me try to make it simple.

It is football or soccer game played inside a small field bordered with a fence that could be four to five feet high.  It is called Five A Side because there are five players per team including the goalie who guards a goal that is eight feet wide by five feet high.  The soccer ball is a light ball and can only be kicked five feet high.  If a player kicks the ball out of the playing field, he is penalized with a minute or two at the bench.  It is high action game and a lot of fun for both the players and the fans.

Five A Side was introduced in San Pedro by Omar Guerrero when he was a member of the San Pedro Town Council. The playing arena was fabricated at Central Park and games attracted hundreds of fans every weekend during the Five A Side season.  A lot of names of great players come to mind but it would be unfair to mention only those in this Flashback. Let us suggest that friends and fans or perhaps team players post photos of their teams.  Thank you and hope to see Five A Side soon in San Pedro.  

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