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Sanpedranos At Their Best Dressed

Now that you see this flashback do you wonder why in the world this large group of San Pedranos is so well dressed?  The men were all wearing shoes which is not normal under normal circumstances in San Pedro back in the 1980’s.  Not only are they all wearing shoes, but also formal suits and tuxedo! And their long hair are all so well combed!

Now take a look at the ladies. What could be happening that they are all in evening gowns? Now let us make a few wild guesses?  Could it be a visit by Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain?  Or is it one of those gala social parties the Lions used to throw back then?  Oh I know.  It is the annual general meeting of Caribeña Fishing Cooperative.

No the real truth is that this was the quinceaños of Tio Pil’s only daughter, Lily Paz Nuñez.  The mass was celebrated at the Catholic Church and the social reception was held at Big Daddy’s.  Now it would be nice for you to help us identify the young men and ladies in this gala Flashback, besides the padrinos Pete Salazar and Chabby Nuñez Salazar.  I think I see Sir Nicolas Varela.

Sanpedranos At Their Best Dressed

Sanpedranos At Their Best Dressed

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