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The Talented and Artistic Dimas Guerrero

Perhaps a lot of you do not know that one of San Pedro’s first and talented artists is Dimas Guerrero Sr.  As a young fisherman in San Pedro, Dimas used his free time to practice his talent of painting. He decorated all the bar establishments with colorful paintings of island scenes and beautiful women in swim suits.  Dimas also painted T-shirts using tie dye, stencils and spray paints.

As a fisherman and diver, Dimas came across black coral which he used to expand his artistic talents and business, D & G Gift Shop. There Dimas worked with corals, conch, turtle shells, conch pearls, taxidermy, coconuts, lobster claws, and more.  Ah, Dimas also made his own black ink using smoke and soot and practiced making free hand drawn tattoos of sharks, hearts and more.

This flashback illustrates a Tenth of September float made by Dimas depicting tourism, fishing, island life, and his gift shop D & G’s. Ambergris Today and Flashback salutes Dimas Guerrero the artist, gift shop pioneer, and community activist.

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