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The Small and Quaint Belize International Airport

The small and quaint Belize International Airport served the country up until the 1990’s, before becoming the much larger and well-known Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport of today.

It was a small but very welcoming airport with the air traffic control tower right on top of the building. Friendly immigration and custom officials who spoke only in Creole dialect were very hospitable. The suitcases were all piled up on a ramp and one had to wait in groups to select his luggage.

The welcome sign above the terminal gate entrance/exit greeted travelers in both English and Spanish. Being the only English-speaking (official language) nation in all of Central America, the signage was key to welcome visitors from neighboring countries as well as international destinations. Known as Belice in Spanish, Belize hold the reputation of being the friendly nation that embraces people from all over the world.


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