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Village Life Vs City Life in San Pedro

Village life is happy life – that is happy in a different sense. It is simple, yet it is beautiful. There is less, yet there is more. In village life there is life indoors but plenty of life outdoors. Let us take a look at how it used to be different. You hardly see small residential homes in downtown San Pedro anymore; you now see a business spaces almost everywhere in the town core. But there is more…

The patches of grass along the streets where villagers used to sit down and chat have now been replaced by sidewalks. The fences that demarcated the private properties have today been removed to allow easy access into the business premises that line the streets of San Pedro.

Note the simplicity and beauty of village life. The kids are free to play in the middle of streets without any risk of being knocked down by a vehicle. There is no need of a traffic warden to tell the children when to cross a street.

During the time of this Flashback (1975) there were probably a dozen vehicles on the island. There was less money and less materials possessions, but there was more freedom to enjoy one’s childhood with playful activities. I am talking about skipping rope, marbles, tops, hop scotch and even some football or softball right on the streets. And yes there was a life indoors but since the children were not pinned down to their iPhones and iPads, there was plenty of outdoor activity. Such were the beautiful days of village life versus city life of today.

A look at the same street in present day San Pedro Town (City):

Village Life Vs City Life

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