The Historical Landmark Roman Catholic Primary School

One of the landmarks of San Pedro is the Roman Catholic Elementary School. From the beach in front of Central Park to the temporary building of the Catholic Church to its present location, the primary school has always been the hub of activity for the children of San Pedro.

In this laid-back flashback the children have the liberty of playing on the sandy street before marching into their classrooms. When the bell was rung, the children formed two lines on the street by the front steps. There was no fence to keep them locked in and for the same matter to keep them locked out. It was a picturesque corner of the village with the absence of vehicle, crazy cyclists, weird and treacherous individuals, as well as the absence of Sunbreeze Hotel, the San Pedro Public Library, BTB office, Wild Mangoes Restaurant and the Chocolate Boutique.  WOW!

This Flashback is a subtle reminder of village life, a quaint little village that offered the children the privilege and freedom of being children.

The Historical Landmark Roman Catholic Primary School

Then and Now comparrison of the San Pedro Roman Catholic School area

The Historical Landmark Roman Catholic Primary School

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