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Remember When there was No Bridge Over Boca del Rio?

How did we ever manage without a bridge over Boca del Rio!? Remember when there was only this tiny floating platform that used to barge people back and forth from North Ambergris Caye? It was operated by a couple guys who used to manually pull the platform with a rope across the Boca del Rio cut. At times it was loaded with as much as six golf carts and countless bicycles – scary, come to think of it!! It might have toppled over a couple times, can’t remember. It took about 15 minutes to do a complete cross over and back, but business was SLOW in North Ambergris and access to the area was not in high demand back then.

It’s been ten years since the bridge was built in order to accommodate the development in the north and the crossing is one of the busiest areas on the island. Hundreds of vehicles, golf carts, bicycles and pedestrian use the bridge on a daily basis to get to their homes, businesses and access the pristine areas/beaches/resorts that line the coast of North Ambergris Caye. It’s an entirely new destiniation up north; go have a look!!

When there was No Bridge Over Boca del Rio

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