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When One Police Officer was Enough for San Pedro

Can you even imagine the town of San Pedro only needing one police officer to keep the peace? Well at one point in the islands history, when San Pedro was just a sleeping fishing village it was more than enough; and maybe it was too much. The village was so quiet that the police officer had to find odd jobs to keep busy and from falling asleep on the job. That’s right!

The Police Station was this very small wooden structure that had a TINY holding cell and the living quarters of the one police officer. This flashback picture gives you a glimpse of the old station that was located at Central Park. You won’t see anybody’s clothes hanging to dry in the middle of the park anymore. How time changes. Below you can see the two storey structure which today is the police barracks located behind the San Pedro Police Station. It helps house only a fraction of the police officers that are stationed on the island.

When One Police Officer was Enough for San Pedro

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