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The Waste Disposal System

     Those of us who follow the local news of Channel 5 and Channel 7 are aware of the critical problem that exists in Belize City with the Waste Disposal System.  The city is in crisis with garbage dumped all over the place and the trucking companies are not picking it up. All fingers are pointing at the mayor and the City council because they have not been paying up to their contract with the trucking company. There is blaming here and there but the bottom line is that the people are suffering because they have a dirty city in crisis.

Thank God we do not have such a problem in our municipality. Our mayor and town council do an excellent job in maintaining a good and functional waste disposal system. Our streets are clean, our drains are unclogged, our garbage containers are picked up systematically and often. I congratulate our local authority and urge them to keep up the good work.

The big difference between Belize City and San Pedro is that in the city they pay an outsider to do the job. In San Pedro the system belongs to the council and they make sure it operates at minimal taxpayers costs. We are so proud that our council keeps our Isla Bonita really bonita.
Signed:  Angel Nuñez

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