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San Pedro Cancer Society Extends Thanks

San Pedro,
As Member of the San Pedro Cancer Society and Elected Treasurer I wish to thank the general public, business community and San Pedro’s various organizations for being with us all along the way in helping put forth the many goals of San Pedro’s Cancer Society. It is through the help of the aforementioned groups that we have managed to succeed and carry out our plans so efficiently.

We acknowledge that we are facing strenuous and frustrating times due to the poor economic state. Nevertheless, people across the entire country have managed to push every necessary obstacle to assist and support our San Pedro Cancer Society in our efforts to overthrow Cancer’s tyranny over our lives and that of our loved ones. It is with the help of our people that we have managed to Register the San Pedro Cancer Society and elevate it from a social group to that of a Non-Governmental Organization. We strongly appreciate and whole-heartedly thank each and every one of our food donors. Believe me, you have been the power and driving force at our fundraisers and the strength in our determination to pull through.

We also believe that a “thank you” is not enough. As a group where money is received by and through the people we believe that the community deserves to know our profits and results of our fundraisers. On January 29th, 2011 we sold 81 T-shirts at the value of 20 Bze. Dollars each and on our World Cancer Awareness Day 2011 we managed to raise $1620.47. The society is now with a strong balance of over $3000.00 dollars and has many plans to help eradicate cancer. The concerns and suggestions of the community are always held with the highest regard amongst our membership. We encourage you to be a part of us, even if you cannot make our meetings; your suggestions, ideas and comments can only make us a stronger and harder working society.

On my behalf I can promise you a Cancer Awareness Walk every February 4th to commemorate those we have lost and honor those who have struggled to survive the grasp of Cancer. I did not realize how many people had been impacted with cancer until we lit up the night for our first cancer walk. We hope that this walk will continue to grow in support and attendance. We had shirts on sale and encourage people to attend our walks regardless if they can buy a shirt or not. Shirts from previous walks can be used and also shirts in the color of the cancer that has touched us so close to home. Members are now meeting on a monthly basis and even during the span of a month if necessary. We can be reached at and personally at To close, I would personally like to thank the following for their assistance in our great cause:

Caribena Enterprises, Coral Cable Vision, El Torito Restaurant, Martha’s Hotel, Martha’s Ice, Lily’s Restaurant, Cocina Caramba, Casa Pan Dulce, Annie’s Pastries, Lino’s Meats, Quality Poultry, Smart, Cayo Espanto (Espanto Island Resort), Island Adventures, Sol Spa, Black Orchid Spa, Seaduced, Blue Water Grill, Red Ginger, Caliente, Castillo’s Hardware, Kakaw Chocolate, Orchid Tree Culinary Specialties – Frydays, Conch Creative, Moon Dancer, Ace Computer Repairs, Caye Supplies, The Mexican Embassy in Belmopan, Marina’s Store, Brad’s Boledo, Warpaint, Ambergris Today, The San Pedro Sun, San Pedro Daily, Tropic Air and The San Pedro Lions Club for their never ending support.

Keri Krebs, Kelly McDermott, Isela Graniel, Star Nunez, Carmelita Caceres, Taz Ackerly, Colette Case, Maya Papovic, Cindy Staines, Alberto Ancona, Everton Butler, Alberto Wade, Andres Nunez, Charo Perez, Lydia Lavin, Jackie Gonzalez, Penny Bonilla, Rene Guzman, Charo Guerrero, Mireya Castillo, Lisa Foreman, Juvinie Sabido, Elsa Rivero, Shelly Huber, Nita Marin, Vanya Nunez, Yvette Graniel, Rilma Rivero, Milo Paz, Eni Gonzalez, Martha Perez, Mina Guerrero, Ernesto Gomez, Catherine Paz, Elsa Paz, Yoli Galvez, Jenny Salazar, Irenie Gonzalez, Mercie Trejo, Rommie Kie, Star Acosta and Family, Conchita Flota, Will Alamilla, Wilema Alamilla, Dalia Alamilla, Ceni Greif, Lucy Marin, Concha Guerrero, Belinda Trejo, Eriberto Vasquez, Flora Ancona, Daniela Hancock, Karla Alfaro, Kristy Gonzalez, Mash Salazar and Family, Betty Ann Graniel, Jill Leslie, Rosita Sturmberg, Yasmin Blanco, Miguel Alamilla and the entire family, Carmen Ancona, Lenny Nunez, Germaine Arana, Jorge Aldana, Tanta Eiley, Ilsa Salazar, Mrs. Chabby and Mr. Pete Salazar, Ricky Verde, Dina Graniel, Monica Prevett, Ofelia Graniel, Luisanna Nunez and Chito Guerrero and Yadi Paz; You all can thank yourselves and your entire families because the San Pedro Cancer Society would have been unable to be where it is today without your much needed and priceless assistance. If, in writing this letter, I have forgotten anyone please forgive me. You have all been our inspiration and our motivation to move forward.

To the members, thank you for all the hard work. Thank you for never allowing me to stress you into insanity. Thank you for your excellent cooperation and strong endeavor to battle cancer at my side.  Let’s hope we can find a cure so we can move on to the next big bad disease out there that threatens us and our families. Sorry for all the late night calls and the many times you have put the San Pedro Cancer Society before your own families. It has paid off, we have succeeded so far. Thank you and may our Supreme Creator continue to bless us all with this wonderful community of where we are all family and friends. Remember, on an island, one person’s Cold is everyone’s Cold. It affects us all at the end of the day. Let’s continue fighting Cancer side by side. Thank You So Much!

On The Square,
Miguel Perez
San Pedro Cancer Society

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