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Elections are close!

15 February, 2011

Today as I sit down to write, I wonder how is it that we the people of Belize Rural South allowed ourselves to been taken for a ride? I am sure that you have realized that the Town Council elections are just 10 months away and there is evidence that the UDP has not done NADA for us for the last 2 years. I will assure you however, that the piñata is being filled right now and don’t be surprised if you start seeing  that the construction of roads start, free money starts circulating around town and all the free, free, free propaganda that will be put to the electorates of  Belize Rural South constituents. My fellow Belizeans, the UDP have proven that the affairs of this town went to the drains after they took office over 8 years ago.

With all the good that was promised, I want to believe that it was all promised in a good intention to make our beloved Island a better place to live. But here is the trick, the PUP was too conservative in developing the town and UDP promised miracles. It is shocking to learn now that all the land left in the hands of the UDP, by the past PUP administration was sold for personal gains. With the sale of land, Town Council became the largest real estate company in the Island and people applauded them because the Mayor claimed that sale of land was to be used in the invested of streets. Now we are learning that a private investor is paying millions in depth on behalf of the Town Council for the street all in exchange of special interest.

Now that we are seeing these things, we also what to ensure that we expose the entire rip offs that is going on at the toll at the Boca Del Rio Bridge. When tickets are sold to motorist, the collectors collect back the receipt because they are able to sell it 3 or 4 times a day. When we ask that we the citizens of this town want a financial report, all we know that we will get is more political gimmicks. Look at the councillors that don’t have a job, all they do is to drive around town like vultures looking at what or whom they can get after extorting them and running people down to ensure that monies are in the coffer for their stipend payment.

Ladies and gentlemen we in the PUP don’t have to sit down and try to win on the failure of the UDP but we want to give constructive solutions to the problems that are facing the town council. We believe that it is important that the town council look at its revenue and collection base so that we know exactly how much is being collected from taxes. We don’t need to have a councillor going around town evaluating personal property for personal gains. As a political party, we want to state that we will be come up with proposals and actions to ensure that our town becomes the successful town it once was for all and not just for a chosen few. We want to make the Island of San Pedro better and a prosperous one.

We at the PUP strongly believe that when elected to office, we will not raise any tax especially when it comes to property tax. We will ensure that charges on property taxes be put on a more level playing field for all so that at the end of the year, we will not have 50% of the people not paying them.

We strongly believe that construction fees should be lowered instead of increased like the UDP did. We believe that as a local government, we need to stimulate our local economy in an effort to create more job opportunities for our town. We don’t want to promise that as soon as the elections are over we will start the Boca del Rio road and deceive our works to apply for jobs in an attempt to gain vote, only to find out it was a straight lie.

Ladies and gentlemen we have a short 10 months away from Town Council Elections which will decide who our next Town leaders will be. Please think carefully.

/s/ PUP Executive Committee

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