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San Pedro PUP Executive is Worried!

Belize Rural South
Today as I write, it is the most worried that I have been for our Belizean people since the UDP took over government three years ago, with the promises that everything was going to be better NO MATTA WHAT as claimed by Dean Barrow and the UDP!

The elections on the Island of San Pedro was centred around national issues and the people were tricked into voting for the UDP, especially on the Island where the UDP came up with a promise that in principle everything would be great for the development.  Even I as an Islander agreed with it and it was mentioned over and over again and that is that San Pedro is one of the government’s biggest contributors to the coffers of this country and we should get a bigger piece of the pie to develop this town.

This is only to find out that Heredia and the UDP in three years have not delivered anything to this Island of ours and not only have we not gotten any assistance, but today we at the Island are going to pay close to $12.00BZ per gallon of fuel; unheard off when the PUP was in office and then the international price of fuel was at $150.00US a barrel. Imagine the possibilities the UDP claimed!   As a PUP town council in waiting, we have to come up with concrete solutions to help our island citizens. Hopefully the UDP are reading this so they can start helping before it’s too late for us.

1. We all know that the Boca Del Rio Bridge has been paid and all of them have reaped from the bridge. As the next PUP Town council we will lower the cost for the crossing so we can alleviate our Islanders’ burdens caused by this UDP Government that promised that everything would have come down. (GST) is up by 25%, (water) up by 11% and we on the Island pay the highest in the whole country.
2. Today we find out that the property tax is being revised to be increased but no one at the Town council has mentioned or explained to the people of San Pedro how much they are thinking of raising taxes on us. Ladies and gentlemen before we kill the real estate business and have foreclosures all over town, we have to come up with a level playing field for everyone on this Island because if we go with the new set prices, we better say goodbye to the island and our future.

We all know that the first thing the UDP did was to raise taxes on us even when they campaigned  and promised that they could have run the island with the existing system that was in place, only to learn that they have sold all our assets that the PUP had in place for the purpose of building  streets. Ladies and gentlemen, the Town Council has sold off over 500 acres of land and sold the land by Escalante subdivision to their cronies and this was for the future public services area set aside by the PUP; that is why we have to be well aware of the UDP deception and wrong doings.

March 7, 2012 is fast approaching and the PUP has excellent leadership and concrete solutions for the betterment of our Island.  The UDP is trying to get political mileage from a few cobble stones that will be placed after Vitoria House as their press release reads.  My fellow Residents of this La Isla Bonita, this tells me that this bunch of lying UDP will never change and will continue to try to deceive you just like when they promised the Boca del Rio road for political mileage.

Chairman PUP BRS


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