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Baldemar Graniel Asks for Your Votes

My dear Friends,

June 12 will be the day for us to decide who will be the PUP standard bearer for the 2013 National Elections. Please take in consideration that in order to win the national election we need an experienced, honest, trustworthy and dedicated candidate.

Out of the three PUP candidates I am the only one that has all this qualifications. All my life I have been involved in community services. I am the only councilor that has served in the Town Council for 15 years, two of which I severed as Mayor. I have a proven track record, I’m honest, someone you can trust and will never let you down.

I joined the world largest service organization in 1975 and have served as District Governor, two times President and presently as Zone Chairman for the second term. I was appointed Justice of the Peace in 1984, commissioner of the Supreme Court in 1991 and Senior Justice of the Peace in 2002.

My pledge to you: I will improve the health facilities in both our islands; I will give the highest priority to make sure that our children get the best education possible, build more parks and playgrounds and improve the present ones for all to enjoy. I will start working in long time needed hurricane shelters in our islands.

I will keep you informed and have you involved in all matters that affects our islands.
I will establish a respectful and amicable line of cooperation with all government departments. I will be in constant consultation with NGO’s, business community and all the experts in different fields for the effective running of the affairs of our communities.

My promise
* I will make time to listen to your concerns, suggestions and advice.
* My endeavor is to serve you NOT for you to serve me.
* My office and time will be available to you during working hours, after hours, on weekends and why not even on holidays.

On June 12 come out and vote. Vote for experience. Vote for a proven track record. Vote for commitment to work. Vote for a true and honest voice of and for the people. Vote for your Friend.

Vote Baldemar Graniel for PUP standard bearer Belize Rural South. Thank you very much and may God Bless us all.

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