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Baldemar Graniel Expresses his Gratitude

Dear Voters,
My most sincere thanks to my family, friends and all those that supported and voted for me on June 12. Since Belize Rural South did not accept my honest and sincere offer to represent them I just hope that they don’t have to regret my offer when the 2013 elections come.

I will continue to serve my community as a Lion member and continue to help the Poly Clinic as much as I can. From now on I know what to expect and from whom. I didn’t have the financial resources for the campaign and didn’t accept any financial help from no one that I would have had to pay back if I would have won for the so called favor. I will continue my honest and sincere help to all of those who ask for it and appreciate my help. Thanks to all and may God bless us all.

Baldemar Graniel

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