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Letter for Fr. Daniel Nunez Lemence

Through this medium, appreciation is extended to Fr. Daniel Nunez Lemence for his time served as Parish Priest for our San Pedro Community. During his ministry, Fr. Lemence worked tirelessly to improve and include the community he served.   

Fr. Dan, as he is affectionately known, began the task of revitalizing the parish soon after arriving in San Pedro. Parishioners began noticing creative improvements in the liturgy especially on the church holy days; Christmas week, Holy Week and Feast Days. Father Dan involved the children creatively and attended to the needs of the church with great attention to detail.

Since 2007, we the parishioners noticed these remarkable improvements:  
* New Altar was built and now stands in the church
* Chandeliers were installed and at the right height, add warmth and proper lighting for the evening services.  
* New windows were installed
* New floor tiles
* The confessionary was renovated
* A (back of church) room was cleared out and a much needed Bathroom was installed
* A beautiful picket Fence was erected to add privacy to the grotto from the beach front. The fence provides ambience that is pleasing to the senses.
* Awnings were added on the windows
* Stations of the Cross were brought in from the Philippines and replaced the old ones, this adds a uniqueness to the interior decor
* Statue (of the Resurrected Christ) was provided and now adds to the Holy Week Processions
* New Kneelers and Pews are installed

Father utilized our local hardwood in all of the renovation projects. Parishioners can now enjoy the warmth of wood trim and furniture all throughout the church. We are so proud of the new look.  

In addition to improvements to the liturgy, beautiful changes in the Church’s décor, Father Dan got even busier and refurbished the old residence where the priests reside. He also constructed a new building in the back of Priests residence to house the Sisters who help to administrate the parish.

There is a renewed spirit among parishioners since the past three years. Father Dan involved the business community and it formed a unique partnership as was noticed for the novena for Dia De San Pedro. All the commercial banks participated as sponsors of the novena and attended mass.  

Although we will miss Father Dan, it would be selfish not to want to share his giving spirit with other communities. We pray for him as he enters a new ministry. We are blessed to have Father Arturo with us and while we bid Father Dan farewell, we welcome Father Art with openness and love.  

Blessings Father Dan,
Iraida Gonzalez (Hon.)

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