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Disappointed with SP Police

Dear Editor,

Please allow me a space in your newspaper to express my disappointment with the San Pedro Police Department. On Sunday, October 16, 2011, while riding out, I witnessed what improper behavior from members of the San Pedro Police Department.

Two guys were sitting on the side of Island Galleria on Tarpon Street when a golf cart with three police officers and a civilian stopped. The driver, a police officer of Creole descent, got off the cart and started yelling at the guys. When one of the guys responded, the officer proceeded by threatening him, yelling: “I wan teach you wan lesson soon, you wan see, I wan teach you wan lesson”.

At this point, one of the other police officers, one of Hispanic descent, got off the cart and brandished his baton in an intimidating manner. As a Public Servant, I find this incident very offensive and disrespectful. The two guys were sitting there bothering no one, yet the police stopped to harass them. If we cannot trust the police department to be JUST, then who can we trust?

On a second note, there were tourists driving around. As a matter of fact, the police stopped mid-street blocking the flow of traffic which happened to be a cart rental with tourists on it. What impression are we giving our tourists? That we are ignorant savages? Yet we get offended when people refer to Belizeans as savages. But if that is what we are portraying out there how can we expect anything else.

I urge the officer in charge to provide his staff with Public Relations training as they seem to have very little. Let the officers be reminded that they are here to serve the people, to impart justice and not to abuse their positions or “teach” any lessons as they are Police Officers not Scholars.

I thank you for the opportunity to express my concern.

Concerned Public Servant


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