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Mama Vilma’s Family Home – Thank You Letter and Financial Report

*Muchas Gracias*
Mama Vilma’s Family Home thanks the San Pedro Community for the outpouring of support for our 2nd Annual Fashion Show! Close to 200 supporters came to the San Pedro Fitness/Tennis Club for a night of food, fun and fashion. The venue was beautiful, the lighting spectacular and the 22 models were gorgeous in their swimwear, casual wear and evening wear. Eight local boutiques provided the models with fashions that were enjoyed by all. Thank you to Top Notch, Love Belize, Sarai, Mambo Chill, Island Gear, Marlin’s, Caribe Creations and 4:20 Men’s Wear.

In addition to the models and the fashions, community supporters provided appetizers that were passed on trays to the crowd as they sat comfortably in their chairs along the poolside runway. A big thank you goes out to Chappe, Carolyn Kumar, Dave and Renae, Gunther and Anna, Mercie Trejo, Shelley Arceo Huber, Terressa Moore, Susanne Janowitz, Changes in Latitudes (Renatta and Cindy), Pepperoni’s Pizza and El Fogon (Susanna Eiley).

A huge thanks to the organizers of the event Lisa Rese, Shelly Ashley, Emma Varela, Donna Palma, Teressa Moore, Ceryl Bowen, Eve Dirnback, Shelly Huber, Atlantida Eiley and Chico Costa.

Your support to this fundraiser added $11,000 to our account at Belize Bank. That is one more step toward our goal of opening a safe home where all services needed to help a struggling family…Food, Clothing, Shelter, Counseling, Medical Services and Education will be provided in a caring and compassionate way.

*Financial Report*
Mama Vilma’s Family Home was founded on February 4, 2011. Since its inception it has been working hard to raise funds towards the building of a family home. The following is a short description of how the organization stands financially.

March (1st Fundraiser Fashion Show) – $18,569
April (2nd & 3rd Fundraiser) – Account total – $31,705.22
Expenses in March and April – Brochure Print Out – $737.50
                    – Beverage Purchase for Fundraiser – $2,300.88
May – $30,000 placed in a six-month Certificate Deposit Account (November – Account matured and gained $929.79)
June  to October – Organization receives generous donations from community and friends in the US and Canada adding $948.78 to the account
November – $720 donation from Dale and Cathy of Funky Monkey
Balance to $3,969.09 in checking account and $30,929.79 in CD Account for a total of $34,898.88!
January 2012 – 2nd Annual Fashion Show added $11,000
Final total for 2012 – $11,428.01 in checking and $30,929.79 in a CD to mature in May – Grand total worth is $42,357.80.

Mama Vilma Family Home –
Is a registered Non-Government Organization (NGO) in Belize. You can become a member and join in bringing the vision of Mama Vilma Family Home to a reality. Donations can be made directly to Belize Bank Account 670 1 – 1 289 32.

For more information on Mama Vilma’s Family Home contact the board of directors:
Shelly Huber – President – 651-3533
Ever Dirnback – Vice-President – 623-9962 (
Cheryl Bowen – Sceretary/Tresurer – 625-5366 (

Or Visit their website –

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