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Kindest Kid in San Pedro Award 2012; Thank You and Congratulations!

On the 24th of May 2012, Minister of Culture & Tourism, Hon. Manuel Heredia, presented prizes to three children, who had won awards for kindness in San Pedro. The Grand Prize winner was Mariano Calderon (The Island Academy), Faith Azueta (R.C. School) was the 1st Runner up and Naomi King (The Island Academy) won the Be Kind Belize Choice Award.

The Kindest Kid in San Pedro Award was started by Be Kind Belize with the belief that children who do good things in our community and who are kind deserve acknowledgement.  By doing this, it is hoped that discussions about kindness and generosity of spirit will be started in schools, encouraging children to look up to positive role models, such as the Kindest Kid Award winners.

The children were nominated by their schools as ‘kindness ambassadors’.  Teachers, principals and students were involved in the nomination process.  Much thanks to San Pedro High School students, and most of all High School Counselor, Gustavo Ramirez, for their assistance in the elimination process and support throughout.

The local media have been tremendously supportive and this event would not have been so successful without their help and encouragement. Thanks also to Restore Belize, for organizing the Youth Rally, which was such a wonderful event and inviting Be Kind Belize to participate.  Maureen Utsman’s lovely assistance in helping to make this happen was especially appreciated.

Each winner received a fabulous gift bag and a cash prize.  This wouldn’t have been possible without many generous prize sponsors and supporters who also deserve acknowledgement for their kindness.  They include:

*BACAB Eco Park *Rico’s Bar & Grill *Sail Away Café *San Pedro Fitness Club *Sail Sports *San Pedro Belize Express Water Taxis *Kakaw Belizean Chocolate *Janice Morningstar *Brenda Wyatt *Ambergris *San Pedro Books *SEArious Adventures *Ramon’s Village Resort *Gecko Graphics *D& E’s Frozen Custard and Sorbet *Scotia Bank *Fido’s Restaurant and Bar *Pelican Reef Villas

It was amazing to see the enthusiasm and participation amongst the schools and all of those who participated in this event.  Schools that were represented in the finals were The Island Academy, R.C. School, Holy Cross Anglican School and Ambergris Caye Elementary School.  They should be very proud of their students, whose nominations, publicized widely, demonstrated how wonderfully kind the children of San Pedro truly are.  They were all perfect kindness ambassadors.

Thanks to everyone who voted and helped select the winners.

About Be Kind Belize –
Be Kind Belize was established in 2007 to promote humane education in Belize. Humane education is based on the concept that all life is precious and is practiced by teaching young people the value and importance of treating all living creatures with kindness.  As part of the programme children learn about self respect, caring for others, how to behave responsibly and understanding the consequences of their actions.  Through classroom activities and research projects they learn why it is important to be kind to their family, friends, classmates, community, animals and the planet and how kindness makes Belize a better place.

If you would like to volunteer as a Be Kind Belize Humane Educator or if you would like to sponsor the programme in some way, please write to

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