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Why Poor People in Belize can’t get ahead!

Dear Editor,

Please allow me space in your newspaper to share my views concerning why Poor People in Belize can’t get ahead!

Belize is home to hundreds of thousands of people, all of diverse ethnicities. We have many natural resources unmatched to other countries. We have a culture untouched, natural, rich, and splendid which makes us unique.

Our people, however, are being born or are being “given” a mentality that they are poor. They are given this mentality by the wealthy people. These wealthy people have the power and they control these poor people by many obstructs: religion, politics, education, and money.

Whenever the rich people see the opportunity to make millions off the poor people’s head, they do whatever it takes to get it. They construct a “divide” mentality. They ensure that people are for, and against the issue. And for their proponents, they tell them only about the short advantage of the situation. They don’t tell them about the long term disadvantage of it. In the essence of all, these wealthy people are making millions off the people’s resources while the people are losing a valuable instance of their community.

Look at Toledo! And the other districts! Look at the statistics reports! Look at the IDB report recently presented! It’s all in the mix. The Belizean Political and Government systems are set up in way to accommodate this. Colonialism caused this. As a matter of fact, the poor people of all the districts are receiving very little of what they are worth doing. Governments, past and present, have been doing many things which are not in the best effect of its people. And this has to stop someday! If not, there will be a need for a big revolution! They are many people who are at the door, but they are afraid to step up! They don’t want to be the only one stepping out and saying, THIS IS WRONG. They need to have the support. Belizeans need to support these people who are agitating for betterment of the country, and poor people of Belize.

The time has come for a new revolution from the masses of the people, for the masses of the people. We should not wait. We should not be AFRAID.

Only then, we can say that we live in the “Land of the Free, by the Carib Sea!”
Kenny Jacobs
Executive Director/ TV Host
Teens Belize Organization / Developing Toledo TV Show, PGTV

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