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Our Young People Need to Learn Respect, Discipline, & Self-Growth

Dear Editor,

Please allow me space in your reputable newspaper to share my perspective on positive development of morals and values in young people.
Many of our young people growing up today are highly lacking the values of respect, discipline and self-growth. Parents today are either busy with their jobs, trying hard to earn a dollar to feed their kids, and helping them with basic necessities. I am appalled to see that young boys and girls, only in their teens, are getting the tendency of having children. It strikes a big mark because these young people are not ready for this. If they can barely take care of themselves, what about their new born baby? What about the burdensome prices of food, education, healthcare, and the list goes on? But then again, what are the scenarios that cause this? I would say proper parenting. If our parents teach us Respect, Discipline, & Self-Growth, then we won’t have a problem growing up as a charismatic and dedicated person.
Firstly, respect is high on the list. Young Belizeans today lack this value big time! Did our parents teach us this? Did they partially taught us? Young people today need to learn to have respect for self, for authority, for elders, for community,  and for Belize. It is very alarming to see young boys and even girls using obscene language and even violently attacking authority. It is very intriguing to observe scenarios where young people don’t listen to the advice of their parents and go on and do what they want to. What is causing this? Is the advent of Cable TV, and Internet the cause of this? Or is it just parents who don’t care about their children again?
Secondly, discipline is also highly lacking. What is happening to young people who don’t know how to carry themselves, much less present themselves? At many events in Belize, we have young people misbehaving because they “feel” like. Do they actually know the image that they create because of that? It is nothing but of poor taste, and discouraging. Even at our educational institutions, students would be fighting and do all sorts of “ill-taste” activities that beckons our administrators to wonder what is happening to these young people. Where is the discipline of young people today?
Finally, self-growth is another area I want to touch on. As young people, we should learn to accommodate ourselves with positive situations that would aid a better development scheme of our morals and values. We can’t only depend on our parents for help. We need to set the par among our peers, and encourage discipline and respect firstly. We must learn to live happily, and in peace with our neighbors. We must get a solid education that would help us to fulfill our academic and career goal. There is no time to be idling ourselves.
So the big question is: do our young people need lashing? Do our parents need lashing? We must get creative. We have the potential. Our young people need to learn the importance of DISCIPLINE. Our young people need to learn the importance of RESPECT. Our young people need to learn the importance of SELF-GROWTH.
At the Teens Belize Organization, through our various programs, we teach the importance of these. But, we alone cannot do it. We need your support. We need everyone’s support: the Government, the media, the businesses, everybody. If we don’t fight these challenges now, our young people will forever loose the true essence of being a positive, well rounded individual.
I call on the Government of Belize, and the International Funding Agencies to help Teens Belize Organization, in our efforts to continue the fight for the betterment of young people.

Yours Respectfully,
Kenny Jacobs
Executive Director/TV Host
Teens Belize Organization/Developing Toledo TV Show

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