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The Reflection of Good Governance on Young People

Dear Editor,
Please allow me space in your reputable newspaper to share my views on the reflection of good governance on young people.

Our young people today look up to those in Government and the private sector. They are watching every step they make and are ever more vigilant in calling out wrong doings. I am totally impressed with the level our young people today have reached, in terms of standing up and fighting for national development. It is the part of the elected officials to be responsible decision makers, and avid thinkers, as it relates to policies affecting young people, and people in general in Belize. Young people have seen enough where both current and past administrations have allegedly mismanaged tax payers money. They are tired of all the snafu and propaganda, and are looking for real change. They are hoping to work with the Government of the day to effectively help to reconstruct the economic climate of Belize.

Young people deserve the right to an equal opportunity for their potential to be unleashed and for it to be nourished to equitable growth in order to become someone. And for this to happen, we need GOOD governance that will further achieve national development for all BELIZEANS. I believe that once the people elected you to office, to be a Member of Parliament, then that means they trust you; that they are ready for you to make a difference and will support you along the way. Members of Parliaments then, must ensure that they do what it is in best interest of its people. And yes, we agree that we are not perfect because everybody makes mistakes. But we must uphold the vary oath of office we made to serve the people. And serve all the people with compassion, and dignity, and capacity.

Most recently, the many scandals that have plagued this administration is noteworthy of the not so good governance scenario. However, I am not saying that has not happened before, but we must learn from previous mistakes. If you saw it happened in a past administration, then you must take heed and don’t let it happen while you are in office. Young people are keenly watching all these actions and I am very sure they are disappointed and want justice. Young people learn from these actions. They observe. They observe the process. They look at what happens and what the respective authorities do to bring justice. Sometimes, the results are fair, however, not all the time.

We need to deal with unfairness in Belize. If our elected officials do what they are supposed to do and are transparent, accountable and govern well, then our young people will be positively inspired. They will work hand in hand with the Government and the private sector to bring national development for everyone. Young people are asking for the Government to govern properly. It is true this manner that young people aspire to be the Prime Minister, or a Minister of Cabinet, to lead Belize to an even brighter future.

The Government of the Day needs to do some reflection. Young people make up majority of the population.  The need for governance that will help young people to shine; and progress is calling. The time is now. Right now!

Young people in Belize deserve a fairer opportunity to maximize their potential. A new revolution is on the way!

Sincerely Yours,
Kenny Jacobs
Executive Director/TV Host
Teens Belize Organization/Developing Toledo TV Show

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