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Forgiveness, Justice and Peace

The first day I arrived in San Pedro was the “Justice for Jeffrey – Peace Walk” ironically I counseled both Raphael and Jeffrey about anger and ego issues. No one is perfect and we all have issues. When we feel someone has wronged us it takes great strength to turn the other cheek meaning to give the opposite of what is expected – For instance, if someone gives you the gift of hate or anger to turn it into the best possible kind act – To do our best to turn away from retaliation. Truly we hope to have laws to do justice and to set an example for the young in our lives.

For the last few days I did my own Walk for Peace. Ironically I had almost lost my voice being silent for most of the time. Thinking about all the harsh words I have used in San Pedro. Just with my words it struck me so hard. Also having lost two members of my family to cancer in the last year compounded my silence as I went about my day. Our lives are so precious. Both these young men had potential to do great things in life. I remember the joy on Jeffrey’s face when he had saved a man from drowning. We all need to work harder in our little San Pedro to creat and keep the paradise that is that number one island.

Each kind act we can do for each other helps stand out the energy of peace and tranquility throughout the island. After all where else would peace be if not in Paradise.

/s/ Chris Emmanuel

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