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Roca Family Seek Support for Ailing Mother

Good evening team of Ambergris Today,
My name is Kenia Roca and I am looking for sponsors like yourselves to share our family story. To help us in finding financial support from people who can help our family in such difficult time. Today I would like to ask if you could please share this heartfelt letter from a daughter in search for help to save her 55 year old mother (Reina Elizabeth Martinez).

My story is as follows:

The past few days have been extremely hard for my sisters, brothers myself and the rest of the family in Belize who have dealt and seen my mother’s deterioration over the recent months and past few years. After battling cancer, managing her life with diabetes and recently diagnosed with kidney problems.

She has been diagnosed with Kidney failure; her kidneys are only 13% functional. The blood stream going through is now said to be toxic and causing her kidney to fail her faster than expected. She has been under serious medications, frequent medical examinations and countless treatments. She now has been asked to have 3 Dialysis per week at $BZ500 per session. This process will filter the blood stream to her kidneys, and hopefully extending her life a bit longer. She needs the dialysis immediately and it will be in effect for a couple of months. A specific amount of time has not yet been given.

After the results of the dialysis, hopefully it works in increasing her chances of survival. We (her children) are taking the following step. We will be consulting with the doctors for a Kidney Transplant. We are not willing to give up on her as yet, just like most children would do beyond their grip for their parents to have them by their side for a much longer period in this world.

Financially my family is struggling to afford this treatment and possibly the transplant if required immediately. Due to bills that are still being paid from her past Cancer Treatments, Chemotherapy, Travel, New Medical Bill and Treatments that are coming up to date, the list goes on and on.

With a humble heart we would like to ask you all for financial support. This is overwhelming and difficult to ask, but we rather swallow our pride, ask you all for your sincere support in this moment of grief, than not doing everything we can and losing the battle with our precious mother. Any amount will be greatly appreciated. An infinite thanks to all of you who will support us in this difficult financial situation.

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May God bless you all.
The Roca Family.

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