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"Speeding and Reckless Driving"

We are first time visitors and liked the idea of a golf cart island.

During a 2 week vacation:
We have been in an accident with a speeding motorbike driver who ignored our left turn signal completely. His bike was damaged. Luckily he got away with minor injuries. A second time a similar accident was just avoided due to our additional care knowing already that a hand signal for a left turn would be ignored.

A third time our golf cart was hit from behind by an impatient taxi driver. Our most concern was for our daughter sitting in the back. This is not what tourists can expect and deserve for a relaxing vacation. And by the way, can anyone tell your island car drivers that the horn is not in place to greet each and every friend you might spot on/near the road.

Our review: The traffic on your island is unpleasant for tourists and often feels dangerous. We think the current and dangerous traffic situation on your island is counterproductive to a positive tourism development.

Ana Fowle
Colorado, USA

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