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Bravery That is Contagious (Belize/Guatemala Issues)

I want to congratulate the brave Belizeans who ‘stopped the traffic on Coney drive’! The symbolism is so powerful! What were the elected leaders of Belize being paid for, even before Independence, when they came back with bags of cash from Guatemala?

Why are Guatemalan fishermen and villagers compelled to cross into our waters so often? Why do they insist on access especially to ‘islands’? Why do they make harvesting and exporting chate leaves that look like mermaid tails from our forests their business? Isn’t there an island off the Big Apple called ‘Coney Island’? Why entertain and exchange gifts with a foreign leader on that street? Ice cream treats are guaranteed? Treaties secured?

There are things left unspoken, bayman business/temple arts, including those of churches, that build empires, win elections, and bring temporary peace among enemies at the expense of unsuspecting victims. Belizeans are waking up, the giant sleeps no longer! Blessed is the Strong Arm of our Creator whose deliverance and justice prevails!

Thanks again for your courage!
Lliani Paz JP

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