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Shocked About Traffic in San Pedro

Dear Editor,

Opinions to the newspaper are a clear sign that many vacationers still do care very much about the future of this beautiful island. Local officials do not seem. Our pre-season and repeat vacation during Thanksgiving has clearly shown us the wrong path the island has turned into.

We are shocked as traffic in and around San Pedro is now a real mess, unfit for modern tourism. Town center is not built for car and truck traffic and cannot accommodate such without further damaging the island’s reputation. Streets in town are just too small and parking spots too rare.

While everywhere in the world Polaris vehicles are not permissible for the use on public roads, they are considered golf carts on Ambergris Caye. These are just a few signs that the island has lost any green and environmental responsibility.

No matter what, during Christmas and high season San Pedro’s town traffic and surrounding road traffic will be in a complete mess. During Thanksgiving traffic was already unbearable for tourists. Only a public transportation system could bring relief.

San Pedro has turned into a dangerous and extremely noisy race track and parking lot. There is no safety, no pedestrian zone, no tranquility. Due to the out of control traffic situation San Pedro has lost all its beauty, character and Central American charm necessary to indulge tourists.

At some point you have to come to the conclusion that the island’s tourism is run by incompetence without any foresight and planning. To fix this traffic mess is “not a matter of money” but would just need common sense.
Monica & George
2nd time visitors, back after 4 years

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