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Traffic and Hitchhikers in San Pedro

Dear Ambergris Caye,
We had the pleasure of visiting San Pedro just a week or so ago. We loved the time we spent there with one exception. We had rented a golf cart to get around.  We were staying outside of the main area of town and needed a way to get in and around San Pedro.  However, several times we were approached by the locals to give them a ride into town.  With crime rates rising, we were uncomfortable doing so, and when we refused, they yelled out ‘F*** You’ on more than one occasion. We think it is unwise that tourists are hustled into transporting strangers.  It raises safety concerns not only for the tourists, but the local population asking for the ride.  We even had small children ask.

We also noticed that there does not appear to be any public transportation available for the locals including the schools and the children that attend them.  This causes a lot traffic chaos each and every day in and around town; rather unpleasant to see such badly organized traffic.

Why not create a public transportation system that would allow the locals to have transportation for their daily needs, and maybe even relieve some of the congestion.  We would like to come back and even bring our children, but we do not want to be harassed every where we go.  I realize that the tourists add to the congestion, but it is not our responsibility to solve your transportation and traffic issues by car sharing or giving rides.  We want to be able to enjoy our vacation and tour your city without having profanities yelled out at us as we pass by.

Thank you,
Tom and Jennifer   
Oregon, USA

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