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Ambergris Lake Villas! A Dream Vacation Come True!

This past weekend we were back on our mission to find the best accommodations on the island and write about our experience in Ambergris Today’s new column “Room Service”. And boy did we find a good one to write about! Milo Paz was very kind to invite our staff to a wonderful experience at one of the island’s newest accommodations – Ambergris Lake Villas.

Mr. Paz’s guarantee was that we would have a pleasurable experience where we would feel like kings and queens amongst the surroundings of Ambergris Lake Villas. True to his word, we had a fantastic time in our three bedroom penthouse suite which towered above the lake. Our experience was a relaxing and most pleasurable one as we forgot about being in San Pedro and indulged in our surroundings, enjoying every single moment.

Customary during pick up with their personal van, we were given a tour of downtown San Pedro while we sipped on complimentary rum punch- quite delightful. Our reception at the main office was very pleasant one as we were quickly whisked away to our awaiting penthouse suite.


We were amazed by seeing the spacious living room and bedrooms that are beautifully furnished, making us feel right at home. At Ambergris Lake Villas, your rooms are designed to give you absolute pleasure. Guests enjoy the pleasure of spacious living, good ventilation, adequate lighting, privacy, security, and romantic comfort. Each condo is individually furnished with its own style.

Most of the time, your hotel room is not supposed to keep you locked indoors while on vacation, but if you are looking to do just that, this is the perfect place to do so. At Ambergris Lake Villas comfort and relaxation is accentuated making you want to spend more time in the indoor comforts.

The two bedrooms on the third floor are spacious rooms, each with their private baths and verandahs to enjoy a beautiful sunrise. The penthouse on the fourth floor has an extra large bathroom, a balcony facing the Caribbean Sea and a terrace facing the lagoon, both providing excellent views and space to relax on. Regular hotels give you a room with a bed and a shower, Ambergris Lake Villas give you everything to make you feel at home.


Our dream vacation commenced the minute we stepped out in the balcony to enjoy the picturesque sunset. After enjoying dinner in the large dining room with adjacent fully equipped kitchen, we sat down to relax in the spacious living room while enjoying a movie.

Having a good time with friends and family is a must and in your private balcony with lounge chairs and hammocks you can sit down and have a nice chat. As for us, we enjoyed a great game of scrabble after a dip in the pool.

Outdoor Activities

Ambergris Lake Villas is surrounded by water. There is a superb lake inhabited by friendly salt water crocodiles, and one can always cast his fishing line and have a good angler’s fight with a tarpon.

How about sitting out in the patio and enjoy nature at its best, seeing ducks swim by in the lake and flocks of birds fly overhead. You can even enjoy your favorite book or doze off in the patio. And there is always the option of taking a dip in the refreshing pool as we did while enjoying a cold one and sharing a few jokes.

Feel like exploring town? Well do it in island style; you can rent a bicycle or golf cart and ride around town. You can also book a diving, snorkeling, fishing or mainland trip at the office. The possibilities are endless!

Ambergris Lake Villas offers you so much that you will feel like not leaving. It is truly a great place to spend a memorable vacation in a paradise. It’s not just another condo. It’s Ambergris Lake Villas- a dream vacation come true.

Ambergris Lake Villas consists of three towering condominium complexes (the last one scheduled for completion in March) that are surrounded by a beautifully landscaped garden that is itself surrounded by a beautiful lake. When completed there will be 8 luxuriously appointed 2 and 3 bedroom condominiums. For more information visit

Ambergris Lake Villas! A Dream Vacation Come True!Ambergris Lake Villas! A Dream Vacation Come True!Ambergris Lake Villas! A Dream Vacation Come True!Ambergris Lake Villas! A Dream Vacation Come True!Ambergris Lake Villas! A Dream Vacation Come True!Ambergris Lake Villas! A Dream Vacation Come True!

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