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Police Truck Slams into Primary School Fence

At about 4:45 a.m. on Monday, March 01, Ambergris Today was first to arrive at the scene of what appeared to be a traffic accident. The police pick-up truck crashed into the fence of the San Pedro R.C. School on Tarpon Street.

According to an eye witness, the police car was speeding on Pescador Drive heading to Tarpon Street and appeared to have an injured person on the back when he slammed on the schools fence. The injured person was then transported the San Pedro Poly Clinic. The Police vehicle was later removed from the street at about 5:45 a.m.

Sgt. Dominquez of the San Pedro Police Department stated that between 3:45a.m. and 4:15a.m. Corporal Gavin Sanchez was taking a complainant that had a stab wound on his head to the San Pedro Poly Clinic and along with him were Dr. Otto Rodriguez and another police officer. He further stated that the vehicle was travelling at a “moderate speed” on Pescador Drive and while making a right turn into Tarpon Street the vehicle experienced “mechanical failure” and the brakes failed, causing them to crash into the San Pedro R.C. School fence.

As a result Dr. Otto Rodriguez received a fractured leg, the police officer received injuries to one of his feet and minor head injuries, and the complainant being taken to the Clinic further received two cut wounds on the head. All three were later transported to the San Pedro Poly Clinic for medical attention.

Some residents, who we have spoken to, have expressed their concerns over police officers speeding through the streets when there is no need for them to do so. Others have expressed that they believe some of the police officers on the island like to operate the police truck under the influence of alcohol while on duty; both of these issues were dismissed by Sgt. Dominguez.

Whoever is at fault, be it a police officer or civilian, we do hope that the Police Department takes action accordingly. On the other hand we hope that the San Pedro Police Department takes good care of their patrol vehicles and conducts routine maintenance on them, much like we see the Fire Department looking after the fire trucks.

Fortunately the accident occurred in the wee hours in the morning and not during the day when these streets are heavily trafficked by pedestrians, especially school children.

Police Truck Slams into Primary School FencePolice Truck Slams into Primary School FencePolice Truck Slams into Primary School Fence

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