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Miss Chiquitita Pageant Comes Back Strong

Nayobi Rivero takes the Crown

By Raquel Badillo

It has been ten years since the last Miss Chiquitita pageant which was formerly held at the Central Park in San Pedro, La Isla Bonita. On Saturday, March 20, the tradition of Miss Chiquitita was revived once more in San Pedro at the “Saca Chispas” field and I was fortunate enough to be a judge. With the assistance of six other judges, six-year-old Nayobi Rivero was crowned the new Miss Chiquitita of San Pedro.

The anticipated pageant started off with a welcome address from the two vivacious emcees for the night: Mr. Angel Nuñez and Mrs. Wilema Gonzalez who did an astonishing job throughout the entire show. The Miss Chiqitita contestants first showed-off their enthusiastic abilities in the swimsuit competition which highlighted their spunky personalities.

Moreover, they all had an opportunity to flaunt their unique talents which generally consisted of dances with music from Shakira, Beyonce and Selena, to name a few. The Miss Chiquitita contestants were also given the opportunity to dress as the graceful princesses that they all are during the final outing on stage for the evening wear competition.

The most arousing part of the pageant was the sparkling interest these little girls gave to the audience. They all had unique as well as confident attributes which wooed the judges and therefore made their decisions for choosing a winner a bit complicated.

I, as a judge, had a difficult decision to make, since it was hard not to give all of them a ten. They all had the “it” factor in them which made the pageant extremely amusing. Miss Nayobi Rivero won the hearts of the judges and the audience as she received the title of “Miss Chiquitita 2010” followed by Miss Gabriella Alexander Knox who got the title of “Miss Photogenic” and “Miss Amity” was given to Miss Leilani Alamilla. Marcela Bonilla, Adrianie Henkis and Victoria Moguel were the three contestants in the pageant.

Throughout the pageant, the crowd was entertained with amusive dances by the San Pedro Dance Company and Barbara’s Group accompanied by the amazing singing talents of Neslen and Guillermo Rivero. “Rompe Raja” also played some of their music during the pageant.

I hope that the organizers of the “Miss Chiqitita” don’t miss out on this event again and continue to make it an annual happening. The Miss Chiquitita pageant 2010 was definitely a success and deserves to continue as long as there are enthusiastic “Miss Chiquitita” contestants available, which I am sure will not be hard to get.

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Miss Chiquitita Pageant Comes Back StrongMiss Chiquitita Pageant Comes Back Strong

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