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San Pedro Lobster Fest in Frommer’s 300 Unmissable Events

San Pedro Lobster Fest Featured in Travel Book

San Pedro’s famous Lobster Festival is getting a big boost from one of Frommer’s travel guides. Our ever popular Lobster Fest has been featured in Frommer’s “300 Unmissable Events and Festival Around the World”.

The 300 plus page guide book features the Lobster Fest on page 78 describing it as, “Street stalls and restaurants take part in this opening-season party, so there’s no end to the opportunities for sampling lobsters prepared in all maker of guises – barbecued, soaked into ceviche, topped with tangy citrus butter or crowning crispy tacos.”

And Ambergris Today is proud to mention that a picture used in the spread is one of our own, credits to our newspaper in the guide book.

Frommer’s describes the “300 Unmissable Events and Festivals Around the World” guide book as their inspirational guide and will put you on the right track to diving into local life and catching vibrant memories to take home.

“Whatever floats your boat or revs your engine there’s a celebration to suit your mood – from crowd crazy tomato throwing at Spain’s Tomatina to peaceful retreats watching nature’s awesome cosmic show at The Northern Lights, and glamorous cultural events for the jet set. We’ve organized our favorite events by theme so you can follow your passions around the planet.”

Whether you have the body of an athlete that yearns for adventure and exotic sporting challenges, an enquiring mind seeking the world’s weird and wonderful spectacles, or just want to armchair travel, our events and insights will take you to the beating heart of the action.”

We are happy and proud to have been featured in Frommer’s top 300 unmissable events around the world. For more information on the book you can visit

Frommer’s 300 Unmissable EventsFrommer’s 300 Unmissable Events

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