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Embargo on Dairy Products?

No more imported Cheese & Milk?

Rumors reached our office that there was a possible embargo on dairy products in the country of Belize. This would mean that no store or business establishment would be allowed to sell imported dairy products and only local dairy products would be sold.

Ambergris Today made a quick check with Dr. Miguel Depaz of The Belize Agricultural Health Authority (BAHA) who explained that there is no embargo on dairy products and that there are only proper procedures in place for importing dairy products into the country.

He continued by saying that if new dairy products are being imported to the country they take a lot of precaution in evaluating potential hazards in foods to ensure that the various foods being imported by establishments comply with current international accepted rules and regulations for the safe handling of food.

Businesses are requested to have a Risk Analysis to be conducted by a BAHA team in order to be able to import certain food items (such as dairy products) into Belize, especially from countries where “Foot & Mouth” Disease is common, for the safety of all.

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