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Eco Challenge Kayak Race

 “Ranza Boys” – Reef Radio Team takes 1st place.

It was an impressive start of the Lagoon Reef Eco Challenge 2010 as 35 teams entered this year’s race, now in its sixth year. The kick off was at 6:00 a.m. on Saturday, April 24 and the final leg of the race ended at Central Park the next day Sunday, April 25. It was an amateur and junior race this year and taking the top prize was Reef Radio’s Ranza Boys for the amateur division.

A large crowd gathered at the lagoon side to cheer for all the paddlers who took part in the grueling two-day challenge of kayaking around the northern part of the island and back to town the following day. All teams started at a very fast pace and showed much strength and endurance, and for the first time in six years there were no female participants.

After camping at the first pit stop overnight and rejuvenating their energies the paddlers were off the next day and about midday hundreds of island residents were at the Central Park waiting for the paddlers to come in and cheer them on. Great music was provided by DJ Habo and there were lots to eat and drink.

The Ranza Boys were no match for the other teams as they had a good lead in the race and crossed the finish after which other teams followed. With much exhaustion all the teams made it to the finish line, no drop outs this year. Congratulations to all teams. The following are the results for this year’s Lagoon Reef Eco Challenge:

Amateur Division:
1st Place – #35 Ranza Boys – Euelio Flores and Ervin Cruz
2ndPlace – #18 TIDE – Carlos Ramires and Godfrey Alford
3rdPlace – #9 Get out a di way – Douglas Penlad and Erik Lauper
4thPlace – #24 Serious Dilligaf – Martin John Leslie and Gilbert “Megs” Spain
5thPlace – #2 Pepperonnie’s Boys – Jimmy Polonio and Jose Salvador Villamil

Junior Division: 1st Place – #30 Team Reef Radio – Sergio Lopez and Byron Cruz
2ndPlace – #5 Milo’s – Victor Hernandez and Emmanuel Samos
3rdPlace – #19 Hog Paddlers – Irvin Chacon and Roy Bradley
4thPlace – #22 The Guerrero’s – Jules Guerrero and Jesse Guerrero
5thPlace – #7 Jet Paddlers – Daniel Cerigorio and Eveiane Marin

Dog Tired Award – Douglas Penland
Most Grumpy Award – Morocho
Most Creative – Team Gusano Rojo – Robert Lopez Jr. and Robert Sutherland
Most Enthusiastic – Morocho
Team that got lost – R&R – Ramses Ramires and Charles Richard
Team that got smoked – Do It Nice – Shadaney Bradley and Guillermo Rivero
Oldest Participants – Douglas Penland and Jose “Salva” Villamil

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Eco Challenge Kayak RaceEco Challenge Kayak Race

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