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Town Council’s Beach Restoration/Street Project

Our beautiful beaches on “La Isla Bonita” have been through a lot; whether its Mother Nature sending us some sort of tropical depression, storm or hurricane to batter or lovely coastline or the residents that are constantly riding up and down the beach, adding to the deteriorating conditions.

The San Pedro Town Council believes it’s time to repair our beautiful beach for all of us to enjoy – tourist, locals and especially the children. Councilor Nano Guerrero met with Ambergris Today and explained to us what their plans are.

“We have put much thought into this plan and believe it’s the best thing we can do for the preservation of our beach,” commented Mr. Guerrero. According to him, the street starting from Wet Willy’s on the beachside all the way to Boca del Rio will become a one way street (Northern direction) and will be 15 feet wide. The street is intended for the traffic of golf carts only. No taxis or other vehicles will be allowed on the street.

These 15 feet of road will start from the property line heading towards the beach; it will then be marked with coconut trees. The San Pedro Town Council is welcoming ideas and suggestions. Feel free to contact the mayor or councilors at 226-2198 or send a letter to the office of the San Pedro Town Council.

Town Council’s Beach Restoration/Street ProjectTown Council’s Beach Restoration/Street Project

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