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Summer Camp on Steroids

The San Pedro Summer Camp came to an end last week after a full month of great activities for the participating children. Summer Camp on steroids, we call it, as the program was chock-full of activities that ranged from regular activities like swimming, fishing, snorkeling, kayaking and picnics to the extreme like cave tubing, archery, parasailing and scuba diving!

The camp was such a smashing success that organizers are already making arrangements for next year when they will be accepting more children and doubling the fun. Just looking at all the activities that the children were engaged in surely tells you that it was a great summer camp; there is not one picture without a big smile on their faces.

Organizer of the San Pedro Summer Camp, Tammy Peterson extends thanks to the following people and businesses from making this year’s camp come together:

*First to Mary Mooney and International Guides – for supporting this program and for bringing in all the items needed.

*To Pam Pierce and Reef Village Resort – thank you for use of the pool for swimming lessons, use of the facility in general, and lunch.

*To Dave and Alexandra – thank you for the use of the beach area and the boardwalk.

*To Brad Forrest, Extreme Adventures Belize – thank you for everything you did this month for us. Everyone loved the tubing. The parasailing was amazing. We appreciate your support and dedication and taking us where we needed to go.

*To Eddie and Schmell from Amigos Del Mar – thank you for the scuba diving certifications for the kids and taking time out of your daily work schedule to “fit us in”. The kids are thrilled.

*To Rebecca Arceo at Seaduced – thank you for the absolutely wonderful trip cave tubing and to the zoo, again you helped make camp an amazing experience.

*To Colette the creator of Be Kind Belize and her amazing talent to teach kids. Thank you for all your efforts. The kids loved everything!

Special thanks to Eddie and his beautiful birds.

*To Walter at Pedro’s for spending the time to teach us how to make pizza and Peter for allowing us to come hang out for a day.

*To Tom and Marilyn for the CPR lessons.

*To Joy Knutson and ALL THE AMAZING PHOTOS on Facebook. Thank you for capturing all our memories to remember forever.

*To Gecko Graphics and Marie for helping with all the printing, copies and T-shirts

*To Dave and Ken and the archery lessons, * To Jean for baton twirling * To Marcie and JoVan for cooking classes * To Mike for the creative writing classes * To Gaylynn and Gillian for the swim lessons * To Doug for guitar lessons

We expect bigger and greater things at next year’s camp and we are sure that the children are already anxious.

Summer Camp on SteroidsSummer Camp on SteroidsSummer Camp on SteroidsSummer Camp on SteroidsSummer Camp on Steroids

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