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Tourist Gives Birth to Baby in San Pedro

A newborn always brings joy, happiness and love to parents, family and friends. Ambergris Today Newspaper has shared many great moments with different families such as the first baby born for the New Year, San Pedro’s first and only set of triplets, and even a baby delivered at home by his dad. This week we have another great opportunity to share with an American family on vacation who welcomed their fourth child here in San Pedro.

Carly and Joseph Tye Byrd of Arkansas, USA came to San Pedro, Ambergris Caye on July 7, for a family vacation along with their three sons, 11-year-old Logan, 4-year-old Kaleb and 3-year-old Carlton Levi enjoying the great accommodations at Ambergris Lake Villas. Carly was visiting during her last trimester of her fourth pregnancy and was due on July 26. Her doctor in the US had told her it was safe for her to travel, so they came to San Pedro where she had regular checkups with Dr. Daniel Gonzalez.

The Byrd’s did not come prepared to welcome another family member here in San Pedro but to their surprise on Tuesday, July 27 they welcomed a bouncing baby boy to the family – Casey Wyatt Byrd. Baby Wyatt was delivered by Dr. Daniel Gonzalez at Ambergris Hopes at 12:44 p.m., weighing nine pounds.

“I was reading a copy of your newspaper, the 25 years ago column about being a true Sanpedrano and we now have our own Sanpedrano,” commented Mrs. Janet Byrd – grandmother of Wyatt, “He is an island boy and he will definitely be back to visit the island.”

Congratulations to Byrd Family on the birth of their Sanpedrano baby – Casey Wyatt Byrd!

Tourist Gives Birth to Baby in San PedroTourist Gives Birth to Baby in San PedroTourist Gives Birth to Baby in San Pedro

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