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Back To School!

But Not All Children are as Privileged

It’s Back to School time! Summer vacations are over and most children are either moving up another grade in school or just starting of their educational career for the first time whether they are freshmen in high school or first years in the primary schools. Whichever the case may be, classes have commenced and here in San Pedro we are faced with a few minor problems which include (i) no space available at schools for children (ii) children not enrolled at schools and lastly (iii) the need of more classrooms/schools.

Every year a great number of children are seen roaming around the streets and not attending school as they should and according to Education Officer for San Pedro Town & Caye Caulker, Ms. Candy Armstrong, the Education Law states that children between the ages of 5 and 14 should be enrolled at school to receive a primary education.

Space availability in schools is always an issue; here in San Pedro there are a total of eight school, three of which are grant aided schools (public schools) which are always full to capacity. One of the major factors that contribute to schools being full and no space available is the fact that San Pedro is a growing town; more people from outer district and other countries are coming to the island and making it their home bringing along their families.

With more people coming there is the need of expansion and development; the island is need of more schools, both a primary and high school. Parents are encouraged to be responsible and register their children on time and in the case of transfers from one school to another there is a proper and legal process to do so. By not following the proper transfers process one hinders the process of space availability.

Ms. Armstrong did state the fact that there is a need for another primary school and high school which will help with the problem. On the bright side of things Hon. Manuel Heredia publicly announced that he has found a piece of land south of the island for the construction of a government school. He also promised that by the end of his governance term the project would have been completed. Hopefully this becomes a reality and this problem of children being out of school or space availability comes to an end.

Back to SchoolBack To SchoolBack To School

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