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New School Furniture for SPHS & Holy Cross

– Press Release, Holy Cross Anglican School, Tuesday, September 7, 2010 – What started out as an exchange of emails several years ago, recently produced great benefits for two local schools. On Monday, September 6, 500 slightly used desks, 300 chairs and 21 blackboards found new homes at San Pedro High School and Holy Cross Anglican School.

Mr. Vernon Wilson, Director of Holy Cross, was able to secure the much needed school furniture from a Canadian non-profit organization headed by Mr. Ron Kyles. Mr. Wilson and Mr. Kyles began a long-distance association in 2007 when a mutual friend who knew the needs of Holy Cross and the ability of Mr. Kyles to possibly address those needs put the two in touch.

Months ago Mr. Kyles contacted Mr. Wilson and informed him that a Canadian primary school was being torn down. There would likely be school furniture available if the money could be raised to pay for the shipping costs. Mr. Wilson immediately contacted several local schools and was delighted when Mr. Vasquez, Principal of San Pedro High School expressed an interest in some of the furniture and a willingness to assist in raising the necessary $12,000Bze.

When contacted, Mrs. Mel Paz, President of the San Pedro Lions Club also agreed that the Lions would help. Mr. Kyles, through his Canadian Rotary Club, was able to raise $6,000Bze to contribute to the shipping. That brought the cost down to $6,000 that the local schools and the Lions Club needed to raise.

The furniture was shipped from Canada and arrived in Belize several weeks ago. Unfortunately Custom and Duty costs were much higher than expected and an additional $2,500Bze needed to be raised – fast. Thanks be to God, the San Pedro Lions Club agreed to pay all the Custom expenses!

Mr. Eiley from Caribbean Depot donated the use of a barge to provide transportation from Belize City to San Pedro at no expense. Mr. Palma from Varela Lumber Yard provided a large truck to assist in delivering the furniture. San Pedro Town Board and Holy Cross each provided smaller trucks and the two schools provided the workers to unload the furniture.

On Monday the much needed desks, chairs and blackboards were placed in San Pedro classrooms. Many thanks to everyone who helped make this acquisition possible!

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