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Casa Pan Dulce Goes Green with New Packaging

In today’s world more and more people are becoming more conscious and concerned about the importance of “Going Green” and for every one of us to do a little part in any way possible to help conserve our fragile ecosystem surely goes a long way. Mr. Andre Perez, proprietor of Casa Pan Dulce Bakery is pleased to announce its new eco friendly packaging for its delicious products such as the Pullman, Special White and Whole Wheat Bread.

“We finally launched our branch in Belmopan and we had to come up we a standardized packaging for both Ambergris Caye and Belmopan,” commented Mr. Andre Perez. “And so it was an opportune time for us to place our biodegradable bags in the market.”

The plastic bags degrade 100%, breaking down itself naturally back to the environment in a time span between three to four years compared to conventional plastics that may take more than a 100 years. The plastics are manufactured in Merida, Yucatan by a company that produces biodegradable plastics from the Mexican Bakery – Bimbo.

Casa Pan Dulce is the second bakery to order biodegradable plastics but the first in the country of Belize. By the end of October Casa Pan Dulce will be using only biodegradable plastics. The plastics are in complete compliance with the requirements from the Bureau of Standards. The bags specify the weight of the products in ounces as well as grams. It is bar coded for easy pricing and scanning at supermarkets. Ingredients and Nutritional information are also listed in the new packaging.

Customers can rest assured that the products of Casa Pan Dulce will not have an increase of price because of the new packaging. So by simply buying a pack of bread from Casa Pan Dulce you too are doing your part in preserving the environment. Go Green San Pedro!

New packaging for Casa Pan Dulce products

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