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Ambergris Caye First Responders

A new and much needed undertaking has emerged on the island that will prove to be a vital part of the islands rescue and medical services. Sterling Vorus of Island Ferry is currently training his staff to handle many emergencies such as rescuing stranded boaters, first aid, search and rescue, evacuations and ambulance service for the north end to San Pedro and/or to Belize City.

This service will be known as the Ambergris Caye First Responders which is a grassroots community effort to provide essential emergency services to the entire island of Ambergris Caye.

Island FerryMr. Vorus stressed the need to create guidelines in San Pedro for proper procedures to follow for different types of emergencies. A coordinated effort between the Town Council, local doctors and transportation businesses needs to be put in place so that all residents, hotel staff and tour guides know exactly what to do no matter what type of emergency arrives to be able to deal with the emergency in a timely manner that will save lives. Such procedures are currently being worked on by Vorus.

Sterling Vorus comments that all his staff members are licensed mariners and are properly trained in First Aid and CPR procedures. The current training his staff is taking will further enhance their abilities as First Aid and Rescue responders.

There is a huge interest by residents of North Ambergris for this service to continue, due to the lack of access to residences and businesses farther north, despite the construction of the bridge which has helped substantially.

There is currently a defibrillator located at the Island Ferry office on Fido’s dock and one at Journey’s End Resort. Cullen Walker has donated much needed equipment, such as a backboard, cervical collars, hot and cold packs, bandages, among other supplies to the Ambergris Caye First Responders to be able to better offer these services.

In light of Sterling’s great efforts of spearheading this new service the North Ambergris Caye Neighborhood Watch has awarded him with the Outstanding Neighbor Award this past weekend. Many people don’t realize that Sterling will close his business in times when these emergency services are needed. He does not get reimbursed for fuel or time lost and has never asked for it. However, when these emergencies arise, he is always willing to do what he can in using his business’s resources to help when it is most desperately needed.

The Ambergris Caye First Responders is in need of financial help and/or equipment help. If anyone can donate to this much needed service they can contact Sterling Vorus at 226-3231 or Jules Escalante at 621-3295.

Photo Caption:
Sterling Vorus (right) and his staff at Island Ferry
make up the First Responders team.

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