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Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve Fee System

The Fisheries Department in its efforts to ensure the sustained management of its eight marine reserves began the process of implementing a comprehensive revenue collection system.

Effective Monday, November 1st, 2004, a US $5 entrance fee (as approved by Cabinet) is being charged to all non-Belizean visitors who visit the Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve (BCMR). The Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve starts on the Eastern side at the Northern tip of San Pedro at the Belize/ Mexican Border and goes southward to the Basil Jones Area. A marker in front of the NOVA Shrimp Hatchery indicates the end of the reserve at Basil Jones and on the Western Side BCMR starts at the Bacalar Chico Canal (Boca Chica Canal) and goes southward to the Santa Cruz Lagoon.

The reserve extends about a ¾ of a mile eastward of the reef crest. A Spawning Aggregation Reserve was also established in 2002. There is a no anchoring policy from 1st December to 31st March of the following year over this site and fishing is on a catch and release basis. (Please see map for location details)

Tickets for BCMR can be bought from any BCMR staff member or can be pre-bought from the Hol Chan Marine Reserve office in San Pedro.

In an effort to fulfill its international commitment and continue to protect our natural marine resources it is imperative that the fee becomes an integral part of the financial sustainability plan for the marine protected areas network. The revenue collected will support much needed infrastructures such as toilet facilities, board walk and nature trails to better accommodate visitors and to support the management regime of each reserve. Feel free to contact the Fisheries Department, Belize City, Phone # 224-4552 or 223-2623 or stop at BCMR Field Station for any questions or comments that you may have. Press Release-BCMR-Alicia Eck, Manager.

Photo Caption:
Marine Reserve map area.

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