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Belize’s Blue Hole Featured in Frommer’s

Belize was outstandingly featured in a half page article in Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel dated March, 2006. As a consumer magazine, published on a monthly basis, the Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel positions itself as a publication written for the average American who seeks value in leisure travel, providing them with practical, service-oriented travel journalism on affordable vacations. It currently has a circulation of 550,000 within the United States.

The article entitled, The Blue Hole, was written by columnist, Lance Leonhardt. In Mr. Leonhardt’s words, “Blue Hole, Central America’s famous, perfectly round diving location is so large and so deeply, brilliantly blue that it’s visible from space.” The Blue Hole’s astounding uniqueness stands out in this publication. Its history, size, dept and the type of marine life found in the Blue Hole are all highlighted in this magnificent article.

Mr. Leonhardt was able to provide accurate information on how an interested visitor would be able to get to the Blue Hole and enjoy the masterpiece of Mother Nature. He makes reference to different means of how to enjoy the Blue Hole while staying in Belize with rates for tours and packages and contact information of a few who would be able to accommodate the interested visitor with the opportunity for them to see the Blue Hole.

“The coverage Belize has received from this feature is an excellent avenue for exposure in the international market,” comments the Director of Tourism, Tracy Taegar Panton. ”Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel is one of the leading magazines in the United States, affording Belize continued exposure among a selected target market.”

The Belize Tourism Board continues to work with the private and public sector in an effort to ensure Belize’s presence in the world wide known magazines such as Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel by assisting them with the necessary information and commodities needed in order to keep the international market in tune with what Belize has to offer them. This year the Belize Tourism Board is looking forward to Belize being featured in other international magazines such as Bride’s, the Pathfinder Traveler’s Magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine, New York Times, Better Homes and Garden and Family Magazine, to name a few.

Photo Caption:
The Great Blue Hole of Belize.

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